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texdoc-online is the project behind texdoc.org, the most common online TeX documentation search.

Language: Kotlin Minimum JRE: 8.0 Current version


TeXdoc online is an online TeX and LaTeX documentation lookup system developed and maintained by the Island of TeX. The project provides a RESTful API and a self-updating Docker container.

The package documentation lookup relies on the Island's TeXdoc API. For topic and package listings, as well as recommendations, the system relies on the CTAN JSON API, properly cached and updated twice a day to save external queries.

Details on the provided RESTful API and deployment may be found on our Wiki:

To cut a long story short: You can run the application from the CI-built JAR files, the Docker container provided in our registry and for real deployment using Docker compose built on the docker-compose.yml file in the repo.


This application is licensed under the New BSD License. Please note that the New BSD License has been verified as a GPL-compatible free software license by the Free Software Foundation, and has been vetted as an open source license by the Open Source Initiative.

The team

TeXdoc online is brought to you by the Island of TeX. If you want to support TeX development by a donation, the best way to do this is donating to the TeX Users Group.

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