Residents and members

Learn about the residents of the island.

The core team


Our resident duck Paulo is the happy face of the island. Apart from doing great PR, be it at TUG or in certain popular chat rooms, he is the one who started, or at least ideated, most of the island's popular tools. arara made the start and many great project ideas and projects followed, and will follow.


Ben is the technical lead of the island. With an open eye towards aspiring technologies and development tooling, he tries to create a modern and organized working environment. After his full rewrite of arara, no complexity can keep him from making progress – even if it may take some time.

Working group TeX infrastructure

At TUG 2023, a small working group has formed aiming at continuing improvements of the TeX ecosystem's core infrastructure.

Current members (in alphabetic order by lastname):

  • Ben Frank
  • Patrick Gundlach
  • Oliver Kopp
  • Marei Peischl

Project-specific experts

Our small core team is supported by the invaluable help of experts who participate in depth instead of breadth in the island's projects.

A few noteworthy contributors (in alphabetic order by lastname):

  • Yukai Chou (documentation and website)
  • Marco Daniel (arara)
  • Enrico Gregorio (checkcites)
  • Sofia Kockum (artwork, graphic design)
  • Brent Longborough (arara, in memoriam)
  • Vít Novotný (TeX Live Docker images)
  • Marei Peischl (TeX Live Docker images)
  • samcarter (beamer, TeX packages)
  • Jonathan Spratte (TeX packages)
  • Nicola Talbot (arara)

We thank all our contributors, even those who are not listed here.

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