The Island of TeX

The Island of TeX is a warm and welcoming place for TeX-related projects.

A picturesque scenery within the TeX ecosystem

More than our projects

At the Island of TeX, we focus on the community aspect. We might not be a large community yet, but we are trying to be helpful and responsive. Bug reports, feature requests, questions about our tools, and general discussions about TeX and its ecosystem are always welcome. For us, even our tools are not about the cool tech but about how we help users.

As such, you as our user are valuable to us in shaping the future of our vision of the TeX ecosystem. In turn, our vision of the TeX ecosystem is what drives us to build new tools or improve existing ones. The Island of TeX is as much about ideas and exchange of thoughts as it is about the current state of the projects.


Always looking to grow

If you like TeX, see missing pieces in the TeX ecosystem, or want to start contributing to open-source software in a welcoming environment, we would love to hear from you. The island is always open for tourists, regular visitors, and new residents.

How we could benefit from you, and what you could get:

  • Thinking of creating a new TeX-related project, especially in TeX tooling/ecosystem? Consider joining us and get started in an environment with a nice community, connections to all the knowledgeable people in the world of TeX, and mutual benefit in terms of publicity.
  • Want to join open-source development? We have a number of projects with (partially) diverse technology stacks. All of which have open issues. Because resolving them helps us, we also happily provide mentoring for common tools (git, pre-commit, GitLab, …), the programming languages, and our code bases.
  • Responsibility is important to you? We are always looking for active maintainers for some of our projects. By taking over maintainership you get to control the action and set the pace for development in a part of the island.
  • TeX and its ecosystem has its problem and you want to discuss them? Sure, we are always happy to hear from you. Those discussions may lead to new project ideas for us, or even wider discussions at a TUG conference or in TUGboat, for which we will happily support your efforts.

Anything of this sounds interesting? Or maybe you have another reason to stop by? Find us in our Matrix community room. We would love to see you there.

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