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The Island of TeX is a warm and welcoming place for TeX-related projects.


Compile your documents in a breeze.

arara is a TeX automation tool based on rules and directives. It gives you a way to enhance your TeX experience. The tool is an effort to provide a concise way to automate the daily TeX workflow for users and also package writers. Users might write their own rules when the provided ones do not suffice.

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Find your favorite unicode characters in fonts.

Albatross is a command line tool for finding fonts that contain a given Unicode glyph. It relies on Fontconfig, a library for configuring and customizing font access. The tool takes a list of glyphs as input (three formats are supported). It is worth noting that the tool also provides proper grapheme support.

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Power documentation search like

TeXdoc online is an online TeX and LaTeX documentation lookup system. It provides a RESTful API and a self-updating Docker container. The package documentation lookup relies on the Island's TeXdoc API. For topic and package listings, as well as recommendations, the system relies on the CTAN JSON API.

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Detect undefined and/or unused references.

checkcites is a command line tool written for the sole purpose of detecting undefined and/or unused references from both LaTeX auxiliary or bibliography files. The tool currently supports both bibtex and biber backends and uses the generated auxiliary files to start the analysis.

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Create flexible TeX templates.

TeXplate is a tool for creating document structures based on templates. One can easily extrapolate the use beyond articles and theses: the tool is powerful enough to generate any text-based structure, given that a corresponding template exists.

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Docker images

TeX Live or ConTeXt standalone through Docker.

With the spread of continuous integration services among TeX users, there is a need to provide distributions for containerized services. We aim to provide images for the regular user who wants continuous integration to work like any other TeX distro.

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